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Radical Redevelopment

May 12 2016

For many people, the Park Hill council estate in Sheffield was a brutalist concrete eyesore before being redeveloped, following listed status in 1998. Prior to being constructed in 1957, tenants in the area lived in slums and tenements, so the high-rise social housing gave respite and luxury to many, with internal bathrooms and toilets for all.

 The Park Hill estate was initially coined a success; complete with streets in the sky connecting families and communities, and even allowing deliveries to those on the top floor. However, over time, this became unsafe for residents, with antisocial behaviour and crime on the rise; the estate became dangerous.

 Despite the social problems, the building was listed in 1998 by the local council, with the hope of encouraging investors to take a leap of faith in the still structurally sound development.

At the Time

At the time, the Park Hill estate was considered a vital development, as a means of addressing the overcrowding issues that were present up and down the country, following the war. While new garden cities were created where space allowed, it was decided that inner cities were to be built up, rather than built out.

 The architectural design was considered cutting edge and the notion of streets in the sky was based on the sound logic of connecting people, as a community. The flats felt luxurious compared to previous living conditions, and people from all around the world flocked to see this new development.

Park Hill Today

Today, it has been part-privatised and redeveloped to include luxury apartments, improved social housing and business units. It is believed that this diverse use of the site will allow the remaining residents to move away from antisocial behaviour, and back towards being community driven.

 The listed status and radical redevelopment of the brutalist architecture of last century, takes a firm stance that modernist heritage is still heritage that needs to be remembered, much like other architectural eras.

 The initial concept of using buildings to improve people’s lives remains true to this day, with the redevelopment that has already occurred.

 Here at Concrete Renovations, we deal with concrete repairs on listed buildings and domestic dwellings on a daily basis. We utilise a variety of methods and techniques to clean and restore concrete repairs, with ease.

 If you’re looking for concrete specialists, then you’ve come to the right place. Please browse our website for more information or contact us on 01733 560362, for help and advice.

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