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Rebuilding a Community

Apr 29 2016

Following a period of financial recession, many cities across the UK are in need of renovation and restoration work in order to transform their towns and shopping centres into destinations that people want to visit, particularly in the wake of so many buildings being left vacant for so long. The good news is that a lot of the cities that can are making efforts to return to their former glory.

 Here at Concrete Renovations, we are based in Peterborough and have witnessed the recession making huge dents into the local economy and we are now seeing it bounce back into a destination city to be proud of.

The Decline

Although heritage buildings were not in need of essential restoration work, back when the financial crises were just starting to take hold, Peterborough had a thriving economy, mainly through the retail and manufacturing industries. The recession crippled many small businesses, people were made redundant and properties left, right and centre were left vacant. Huge manufacturing businesses in the area had to slim down to swallow the losses, and it was the Peterborough residents that suffered.

 This is a scenario that was happening all over the country. However, as the country overcomes the financial hardships, we are starting to see growth across city centres; businesses expanding and taking on more clients, and seeing more people get back in to work.

Rising from the Ashes

Since the recovery from the recession, a lot of growth and redevelopment has taken time to be implemented, but in Peterborough, things are on the up. The cogs are in motion to redevelop the Queensgate shopping centre which will not only transform the city centre, but it will bring new jobs and opportunities to the city.

 Similarly, the redevelopment of the South Bank area is full steam ahead, which will expand the city centre out, past the edges of Rivergate and the River Nene.

 The restoration process of bringing this city back to one of the ‘go-to’ destinations in the East of England, is a positive step for businesses and residents alike. Being at the forefront of development and meeting the cities growing needs is important for our industry; the more we invest in the future, the more we can invest in the past.

Rebuilding from Within

There are a great number of buildings in Peterborough across the Fens and the East of England, as well as the rest of the UK, that are in dire need of heritage building restoration work which cannot be undertaken until there is a sufficient budget resource available.

 As purveyors of renovation and restoration, Concrete Renovations is here to help when it comes to the buildings that need a little more TLC than others. If you need help or advice, you know where to come. Please contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help with any queries you may have.

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