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Renovate or New Build?

Apr 25 2016

There will come a point in any home owner’s life when they will think about moving. Whether they are looking for more space for a growing family, want to downsize, relocate or are simply looking for a challenge to keep them busy while the kids are at university; the topic of renovation versus a new build will crop up on more than one occasion.

Some people love a challenge, some people enjoy preserving their surroundings and some just grow attached to a building, falling in love with its character and quirks. New builds require a lot of design and building approval, but not half as much as a renovation will require – planning consent and approval, concrete repairs, structural repairs and so much more.

If you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, then maybe it’s time you weighed up the pros and cons in the toss-up between renovation and building your own home.

To Renovate

  • Renovations of special buildings can take a lot more time and money than new builds, and are subject to a lot more assessment and approval processes; every step of the way
  • It is more difficult to make changes to a renovated property
  • Existing buildings are already on the grid, so will require less money in the set up process. However, these connections may need updating
  • Buildings that are in need of renovating often have much more character and uniqueness about them than new builds
  • There are plenty of businesses that specialise in the work that you need doing, such as concrete repairs, to ensure the job is done satisfactorily
  • Many listed buildings offer more to history, culture and society by adding value in all areas

To Build

  • New builds offer a blank canvas to make and personalise as your own
  • They are easier to plan and forecast in terms of costing
  • Many new builds are able to utilise the latest methods of energy efficiency, and as such, are very economical to run
  • Many people have designs and ideas beyond their initial budgets
  • Unless you hire professionals to help assist, issues can happen that you might not even realise are important, until it is too late
  • New builds are now ten a penny, as many people look to build their dream homes in place of existing architecture

While the trend for erase and replace homes is making fast work of removing many ‘paint by number’ houses that were designed and built very quickly to adapt to growing towns and cities; listed buildings are saved from this thanks to their register.

Preserving historic architecture that would otherwise be eradicated is important for our country and culture, and Concrete Renovations is proud to be a part of this industry.

Our work as concrete repair specialists allows us to work on some of the most prestigious and historic buildings in the country. We also love to repair and maintain buildings that require our help, so if you require any assistance, please contact us and we’ll endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible. 

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