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Renovation Processes

May 16 2016

With over 30 years of experience in the world of concrete repairs, we have built our reputation on our expert knowledge and delicate methods of restoring buildings to their former glory.  Starting life as concrete specialists, we have since expanded into repairs and maintenance of other stone and masonry structures, too, including listed buildings.

 Our existing portfolio comprises of Cambridge University, Westminster Abbey, Marshall Street Swimming Baths, Victorian Schools, Stratford Olympic Park and Coventry Cathedral. Not only did our clients expect the best, but they are also some of the most visited landmarks in the country, so delivering outstanding results was expected and guaranteed.

 We’re going to focus on some of our repair and renovation processes in this blog, including concrete repairs, resurfacing, structural plate bonding and anti-carbonation treatments.

 Concrete Repairs

Our concrete repair work has been the bulk of our business since we started trading. Our experienced team of qualified staff can carry out both simple and complex structural repairs, as well as cosmetic issues.


Over time, concrete walkways and paths are subject to more than a little wear and tear from footfall, and, of course, whatever else the weather has to offer. Our team of specialists are able to resurface concrete to a hard-wearing and heavy duty standard, with non-slip surfacing.

 Plate Bonding

Plate bonding work is very detail oriented and requires specialist knowledge from contractors such as ourselves. This process is essential for improving load capacity on bridges and buildings, or for providing additional resistance to the elements and gravity.

Anti-Carbonation Treatments

This treatment is specifically used to protect surfaces from carbonation occurred due to exposure to carbon dioxide. This coating is also available in conjunction with other services.

 Resin Injections

Resin injections are used to seal cracks and crevices in concrete, masonry, stone buildings and structures. Cracks are a major cause of irreparable damage to older buildings, so rectifying these issues as soon as possible is imperative to their survival.

With all of the above and many other services on offer, it isn’t hard to see why we are the concrete repair specialists. For more information on any of our services or further advice, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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