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You Won’t Believe it’s Concrete

May 09 2016

When it comes to construction and architectural design, concrete is one of the most stigmatised yet also one of the most celebrated materials in the modern world. It is, essentially, one of the most important building materials that is often lauded, but in the same sentence lambasted for not being ‘pretty enough’.

 Reinforced concrete with steel has allowed architecture to be revolutionised in one fell swoop. No longer do buildings, structures and designs require obvious and unattractive supports, allowing for more innovative designs to become a part of the landscape we know and love.

 As concrete repair specialists, here at Concrete Renovations, we believe that concrete has tonnes of potential. With the addition of colour pigments, additives and new techniques; architects and builders can create something far more aesthetically pleasing with concrete than ever before.

 With this in mind, here are two of the most spectacular and innovative concrete architectural designs in the world.

Pantheon – Rome

Designed and built in a time long before the days of reinforced concrete, the Pantheon houses the world’s largest unreinforced concrete dome, standing tall and proud at 142ft in diameter. The domed roof has a repetitive square element, much like the brutalism architecture that we are familiar with, but it carries this in a much more aesthetically pleasing way.

 The Pantheon is a circular building with a rectangular vestibule to the front. The simple but beautiful dome has an oculus in the centre, allowing a stream of natural light to cascade onto the tourists below.

SESC Pompeia – Sao Paulo, Brazil

While the SESC Pompeia – the citadel of Liberty, very much looks like it was crafted from concrete, the three irregular towers are certainly innovative. One housing a sporting and recreational complex of swimming pools, theatres, football pitches, restaurants and more; the other containing changing rooms, and, the remaining tower, in its cylindrical form, containing stored water. A series of dynamic footbridges connect the main towers for visitors, and unusually, the windows seem to appear sporadic and uneven.

 It has been stated that the fortress-like exterior was deliberate, by architect Lina Bo Bardi; hoping to keep politics out of his architectural project for the people of Brazil.

 If you’re curious about buildings that are crafted using concrete and their upkeep, please visit our website for more information. We are the concrete repair specialists you can trust and are here to help maintain the concrete buildings all around us.

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