The Great Yarmouth Venetian Waterways

Lottery Funded Heritage Restoration

Work Required: A Lottery Funded Heritage Restoration Of The Venetian Waterways In Great Yarmouth

Project Value: £450,000.00

History Of the Venetian Waterways: 

The Great Yarmouth venetian Waterways project was completed in 1928, it was a post war relief programme. it helped war veterans gain work and a sense of pride, over the years, through the effort of many people, the waterways were finally completed including a boating lake with gondolas, thatched shelters and a planting scheme for the area, of which was included in the Horticultural Society's International Exhibition, where it became highly commended.

What's Involved in The Restoration:

With lottery funding amassing £1.7 Million and a lot of help from volunteers, this Grade II listed Waterways have been restored to their original look and condition. They have historical protection which means they had to be restored fully. the restoration will be exciting to new visitors who will have a sense of connecting directly to the past. The full restoration meant having to repair and add thatching to shelters in the waterways, repairing the lake, which is the only purpose built one in the country and adding a Cafe, the waterways were then cleaned out and the planting scheme was reinstated, adding roughly 6000 plants.

The Boating Lake Before Work Started.
The Island Cafe Before Work Started.
Bridge G Before Work Started.
The Waterways before Work Started.

What Techniques Were Used When Restoring The Venetian Waterways: 

The Waterways were drained in late 2014 as the canals were drained partly as were the ponds, or were silting up also the concrete balustrades were run down and the once award-winning flowerbeds had been ripped out and grass was used to replace them. Concrete Renovations found issues with the concrete in the area of the waterways and repaired them promptly, the also renewed bridge G to its natural white colour, making the area look new and interesting.

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The Boating Lake After Work Had Finished.
The Island Cafe After Work Had Finished.
Bridge G After Work Had Finished.
The Waterways After Work Had Finished.

Case Study The Restoration of The Venetian Waterways In Great Yarmouth

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