University of Kent - Marlowe Building

University of Kent - Marlowe Building

Work Required: Concrete repairs and coatings. This extensive building presents traditional signs of the carbonation process typical of a building from the era.

Work Carried out:

Concrete Renovations carried out a hammer sounding test to determine the limits and proportions of the concrete defects. All concrete surfaces were pressure washed and all defective concrete was broken out back to sound substrate. Corroded steel work was then cleaned and an application of Betofix R2 and Rust Inhibitor M applied. Repairs were primed with a slurry coat of Betofix R2, and necessary repairs were infilled to their original profiles. Concrete Renovations cleaned the staircases by grit blasting and applied a migrating Corrosion Inhibitor to the Fire Exit staircase until the surface was saturated. The render panels were pressure washed and treated with Impregnation BFA and any cracks were opened and repaired using Elastoflex Fine Filler. Anti-carbonation Coatings were then applied to the concrete frame surface and the rendered panel surfaces, with concrete acrylic applied to the staircase.

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