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Thioflex 600

Multi component, gun and pouring grade, polysulfide sealant.

Colpor 200PF

Cold applied, high performance, pitch free, pavement joint sealant.

Joint Sealing


Albon® AW

Single component joint sealant on a PUR/naphthenic resin base.

Property Profile:

Albon AW is resistant to water, salt water, sewage, faeces, weak (also organic) acids and lyes as well as oil and solvents, diesel and heating oil and short-term against petrol.

Test Certificate No. 8217/3765 from June 22, 1995 on resistance to liquid manure.


For sealing in sewage and clarification facility areas, for cess pits, joints with ground contact, for liquid manure basins and silos, etc. Also as a complementary product for Albon® AW Pouring Compound 2K.


Expansion-tensile stress 100% (DIN 52 455-A1):  0.35 N/mm²
Expansion-tensile stress 25% (DIN 52 455-A1):     0.15 N/mm²
Tear strength (DIN 52 455-A1):     0.60 N/mm²
Elongation at tear (DIN 52 455-A1):     200%
Recovery (DIN 52 458-BR-1-100):     > 60%
Volume shrinkage (DIN 52 451-A):     - 6%
Permissible total deformation: ± 20%
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