Audley Ellerslie Community

Concrete Restoration

Work Required: Concrete Restoration Of An Old School House

Project Value: £340,000.00

Techniques used: The external surfaces of the structure will be gently cleaned using the DOFF cleaning system to remove decades of contamination and vegetable growth. DOFF cleaning will also allow us to colour match back to the original colour of the stone, allowing us to produce a closer match, both in colour and texture. 

Once the different phases and sections have been DOFF cleaned we will then apply our stone strengthener systems which take 4 weeks to cure. During our initial investigations it was brought to our attention that the reason the stone was failing and cracking/ spalling was due to a clay water swell content. As this is the part of the project which has failed we needed to stabilise it before we carried out any repair works. The way this has been achieved is with Remmers manufacturers who have designed a product to solve the clay swell problem. After the 3 anti-swell products have been applied we will leave it for 4 weeks to cure and become active in reducing the clay swell in the stone. 

After the 4 week cure time we will break out any defected areas, or break back to a solid structure where the stone face has fallen away. We will then colour and texture match to the surrounding area. The process of colour and texture match can take some time to produce, and for this reason sample repairs and swatches are created before any repair works have started to give us a guide. Each swatch is unique to each project and each location of the repair.

Here is an example of the skilled work our experienced site operatives achieved during our stone restoration works at Ellerslie House.

Our brief by the client (Audley) and the architect (Gaunt Francis) was to block up the existing door and create a nice aesthetic finish. Our site team managed to block up the entrance and then recreate a stone and pointing finish with restoration mortar, giving the finish that the door had never been there.

Looking at this part of the work you would assume it was part of the original building fabric. Our site operatives managed to recreate different colours in individual stonework and different textures, blending this element of works into the surrounding stonework.

"The result that Concrete Renovations has achieved is beyond the expectations of Audley and they have requested the same stone repair system to be employed on one of their other schemes."
- Gaunt Francis, Architect

Case Study Audley Ellerslie Community

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