Hunstanton Heritage Gardens

Butterfly Shelter Restoration

Work Required: The Restoration Of The Butterfly Shelter In Hunstanton Heritage Gardens.

Project Value: £42,500

What Are The Hunstanton Heritage Gardens:

The Hunstanton Heritage Gardens is an open space location in Hunstanton, it is the only area of the east coast that faces west. it has beautiful sunset views and it covers roughly 6.8 Hectares of land and is the only significant open space in Hunstanton. it has a linear shape it is located between the promenade in the west and the road through Hunstanton on the east. 

What's Involved In The Restoration:

The project made sure that the restoration of the major seaside park was suitable not just for the tourists that visit, but also for the residents that live in the town. The restoration has given light to new programmes to help educate visitors to the seaside town also  achieving a Green Flag Award standard.

Along with the restoration of the Butterfly Shelter, multiple garden beds have been restored and replanted. The path network within the green has been resurfaced and the railings, lighting and some benches have all been changed. the play area for children and the crazy golf has also been moved.

What Techniques Were Used During The Restoration:

DOFF Cleaning:

The use of DOFF Cleaning was required to clean the concrete, this was done by placing a DOFF machine in a drip tray in a cordoned area. this meant heated water could be used at a low pressure by a trained operative.

Concrete Repair:

Before any work was carried out on the structure, all the concrete was hammer tested first to identify any limits and proportions the concrete had, any exposed steel reinforcement was cleaned to make it bright steel. The aggregate used was exposed as necessary with the use of abrasive pads.

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