RAF Mildenhall

Concrete Repairs To Window Lintel

Work Required: Concrete Repairs To Window Lintel

Project Value: £33,000.00

Royal Air Force Mildenhall, more commonly known as RAF Mildenhall, is a Royal Air Force station located near Mildenhall in Suffolk, England. Despite its status as a Royal Air Force station, it primarily supports United States Air Force operations, and is currently the home of the 100th Air Refueling Wing.

After the 1950 invasion of South Korea by Communist forces, it was decided to re-establish a strong American force in Europe. On 11 July 1950, RAF Mildenhall was made available to the United States Air Force by the UK's Ministry of Defence as a Strategic Air Command (SAC) B-29 Superfortress bomber airfield, with joint operations with the Royal Air Force units.

What's Involved In The Restoration:

Concrete repairs were carried out to the lintels at high level of Building 550, access to the external works was via an aerial platform. A survey  of the area was carried out by AFI Uplift to ascertain the correct plant for the reaching lintel.

What Techniques Were Used During The Restoration:

The steel work that was corroded was cleaned with an angle grinder to give it a shining finish, the steel work then received an application of Sika monotop 610 primer. Finally the gaps between the lintels and the windows were filled in with Sikaflex Pro 3HB.

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