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Grade 2 and 2* Listed Buildings

Feb 02 2016

Concrete Renovations Ltd are continuing to lead the way in the restoration of Grade 2 listed concrete buildings and are continuing to develop new and cost efficient ways of maintaining and repairing the damaged stone and concrete structures such as the Arup Building on the New Museum Site, Cambridge University.

Cripps Building, St Johns.

Cripps Buidling after cleaning and repair.

Concrete Renovations Ltd have recently completed major works at the grade 2* Cripps Building at St Johns College, at Gonville and Claus College and Fen Court at Peterhouse College, also part of Cambridge University.

Our cutting edge colour and texture matching repair systems have been developed to enable us to produce discrete and sympathetic repairs. These techniques are approved by leading architects and engineers in the field such as Bidwells, Nicholas Hare Architects and John Simpson Architects.


Once the structural repair is complete using conventional concrete repair materials, the surface of each repair is assessed individually for colour and texture. These vary from repair to repair depending on original composition, on their exposure to light and on the effects of weathering. A selection of likely colours and suitable aggregates are selected and samples are produced. These samples are then offered to each individual repair and the best match ascertained to finish the concrete repair surface.

Aggregates ready for grading.

Complete repair (to the left of the blue spot)

Ongoing development and refinement of our methods have produced results which further reduce visual impact of each repair, these can be totally indistinguishable to the surrounding areas.

As more and more concrete structure attain grade 2 listed status within the UK, Concrete Renovations Ltd continue to lead the way in developing restoration technics for our heritage and our future.

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