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Heritage Project at Cambridge University

Feb 11 2016

Concrete Renovations Ltd recently completed the external masonry restoration work at Fen Court, part of Peterhouse College, Cambridge University. Having a reputation as established historical restoration contractors, Concrete Renovations Ltd were called in as Specialist Renovators to carry out lime mortar pebble dashing to the Penthouse level of Fen court.

Peterhouse College - Fen Court Grade II Listing

Peterhouse College - Fen Court Grade II Listing

This was carefully colour matched after extensive trials to match the colour and texture of the pebbledash mortar and aggregate. As part of the project, Concrete Renovations also repaired the Lime Mortar masonry to the Grade 2 listed accommodation wing. Concrete repairs were carried out to the exposed aggregate copings stones, lintels and window sills.

The Concrete repairs are now virtually invisible as a result of careful material blending, aggregate selection and painstaking workmanship.

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