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New Service: Structural Strengthening

Feb 11 2016

Recent developments in material technology have seen the introduction of carbon fibre plates, which are significantly lighter and easier to install than steel plates of similar capacity.

Carbon fibre fabric is now also used to strengthen columns and beams using a wrapping technique.  Single or multiple layers of uni or bi-directional fabric are impregnated with resin adhesive and applied to sections such as beams and columns to improve strength.

Solutions for structural strengthening offered by Concrete Renovations Ltd include:  
  • Plate bonding using carbon fibre
  • Carbon fibre wrapping
  • Carbon rod reinforcement replacement
  • Sprayed concrete placement

We also offer structural strengthening solutions for masonry, including:  
  • Brick stitching
  • Wall-tie installation
  • Helifix and Helibeam installation

Concrete Renovations Ltd installed over 500metres of Sika Carbodur Carbon Fibre structural strengthening to the Cripps building at Cambridge University.

The photograph to the right shows how the plates were adhered to the concrete soffit to offer structural strengthening. Holes were cut through the walls of the rooms to allow the plates to be positioned correctly.

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