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Names You Might Recognise: Westminster Abbey

May 26 2016

There is a saying “You are only as good as your last performance” which is certainly true in the world of concrete repairs. When you work in renovations, restorations and building repairs, it is the memorable, recognised names that are highly sought after; and a contract at one of the most sought after locations in the country is what all businesses like ours strive for.

 At Concrete Renovations, in our portfolio, we have worked on some of the most prestigious and recognised buildings in the country, such as Coventry Cathedral, Cambridge University and Westminster Abbey. As we are sure you will agree, the competitive nature of tender means that local authorities and planners only choose the very best contractors, which puts us in very high standing.

A Background

Westminster Abbey was a large abbey and is one of the most notable in the United Kingdom. Its location has made it the traditional home for coronation, marriage and even burial of British monarchs. Since 1560, the building was known as the Royal Peculiar under the direct jurisdiction of the reigning monarch.

Work Undertaken

In 2012, we were appointed contractors on the Westminster Abbey Cellarium restoration and re-purposing. Originally, this part of the building was used as a food store by monks. However, after several specialist structural repairs by us, remedial work and building surveys, this was soon converted into The Cellarium Café, which offers patrons a dining experience in a pleasant, historic location.

Future Work

It was announced last April that work will begin to restore the medieval triforium in order to house a new display - The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Galleries of Treasures. The uppermost space will be transformed from a dusty, tucked away storage area and will become a display area open to the public – a momentous occasion for this historic building.

 We are honoured and privileged to have worked on Westminster Abbey and it is a testament of our team’s expert and specialist knowledge that we were able to undertake a job of this stature.

 If you’re looking for a name you can trust when it comes to building renovations, put your faith in a company that has worked on some of the biggest, most historic buildings in the country. Choose Concrete Renovations for your concrete repairs and building restoration needs.

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