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Sponge Blasting a Victorian School

Feb 11 2016

This Victorian school close to Walsall remained open during cleaning of the external brickwork, thanks to Concrete Renovations Ltd's sponge blast system.

Sponge blasting the brickwork eliminated the risk of water and dust contamination entering the classrooms allowing the school to continue its daily routine with little disruption.

Concrete Renovations Ltd sponge blast technique being a dry cleaning system eliminates the usual staining and slurry associated with wet systems, it also eliminates the risk of slipping on wet slippery surfaces and ensures that no contaminating the water course occurs.

The greatly reduced dust emissions and reduced rebound from the pressure equipment also provides a much safer working environment for other trades on site, and with minimal fencing provided safe access to the school for pupils, staff and visitors.

All of the sponge media was collected during the operation and recycled on site, so reducing the need to send waste products to landfill.

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