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The Fantastic Natural Properties of Concrete

Sep 11 2018

At Concrete Renovations, we love what we do - repairing both historic and modern-day buildings and offering all manner of maintenance across concrete, stone and masonry structures. So, it should come as no surprise that we also get excited about concrete!

This popular building material has been around since before the Romans (you can find out more about the exciting history of concrete here) although the art form was lost for some time. Today, we can see all sorts of creations made with this incredible material and with these sorts of natural properties, it’s not hard to see why it’s one of the most used construction materials around the world.

Fire Resistance

Standard concrete mixes offer excellent fire resistance when fully cured, providing minimal thermal transference between materials. Concrete is often applied as a type of heat shield to steel structures as it doesn’t drip hazardous materials, produce smoke or emit potentially toxic fumes when exposed to intense levels of heat or flame. When used in applications such as wood-fired kilns, firepits and fireplaces, concrete can be mixed with specific waste by-products to provide a fully fireproof mix which can undergo heat changes over a greater length of time without the risk of degrading.

Naturally Cool

Concrete can efficiently regulate temperatures in buildings and structures. This contributes to lower energy bills for homeowners and can help make homes more energy efficient, which is good for both the planet and your pocket!

Durability Against Pests

Ever had to inspect your concrete walls for infestations of termites or seen evidence of mice in your concrete structures? Although we can’t say that it has never happened, it’s easy to say that it’s very unlikely and most definitely a good peace of mind for individuals planning to build their homes from concrete. 

Increased Allergen Control

Concrete structures aren’t susceptible to rot and all the potential nasty things that come with it like structural defects, increased mould and higher levels of allergens. Instead, its natural durability prevents structures from getting damaged by common types of fungi found in damp-afflicted properties. This helps the control of allergens in your home and concrete structures can even prevent further pollens getting into your home, except through windows and doors.

Longer Lifespan

When compared to other popular construction materials such as wood and steel, concrete has been shown to have up to twice the lifespan, providing a cost-effective material that requires little maintenance. This is why concrete is a popular material used in building roads as it’s less likely to crack under pressure with less chance of potholes. Similarly, its smooth application can contribute to lower fuel usage in domestic and commercial vehicles.

With these sorts of natural properties, who wouldn’t use concrete as a building material? If your home or business is in need of concrete repair or maintenance, get in touch with our expert team on 01733 560362 for more information on our available services.

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