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Weber.tec EP Injection Resin

Nitokit LV & Nitokit TH

Pre-packaged low viscosity or thixotropic epoxy crack injection system.

SikaDur® 52 Injection Type N


Viscacid® Epoxy Injection Resin

Solvent-free, low viscocity, 2-component epoxy resin for friction coupled bonding.

Viscacid Epoxy Injection Resin is a solvent-free, 2-component, low viscosity epoxy resin for the injection of cementitious building materials..


This product is used for friction coupled bonding and connecting by injection and for pouring out cracks and voids in concrete. Also for cementing tie rods.

Features & Benefits:

  Comp A Comp B Mixture
Density (20°C): 1.12 g/cm³ 0.95g/cm³ 1.05g/cm³
Viscosity (23° C): 720 mPas  130 mPas 460 mPas
Viscosity (15° C): 1630 mPas 190 mPas 1180mPas
Viscosity ( 8° C): 3700 mPas 550 mPas 2530 mPas
Odour:  neutral amine-like slightly amine-like

Mixing ratio:

2.4 : 1 or 100 : 42 parts by weight
2.06 : 1 or 100 : 48.6 parts by volume
Course of hardening based on A + D Shore hardeness:

Time 23°C 15°C 8°C
24h 99/65 72/18 -
48h 95/73 98/70 -
72h 97/81 95/75 87/70
168h 98/84 94/77 89/79

Remmers Viscacid Epoxy Injection Resin / Resin injection
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