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Weber.tec EP Injection Resin

Nitokit LV & Nitokit TH

Pre-packaged low viscosity or thixotropic epoxy crack injection system.

SikaDur® 52 Injection Type N


Weber.tec EP Injection Resin

Epoxy plus injection resin.

Low-viscosity and thixotropic resins for injection of cracked concrete, masonry and brickwork

Weber.tec EP injection resin LV is a two-component resin for crack injection systems. The resin will structurally bond the fractured sections and seal fine cracks against ingress of water and/or aggressive agents.

Weber.tec EP injection resin T is a moisture-tolerant gel epoxy resin for structural repairs to cracked concrete and masonry. The resin will repel dampness in the cracks and bond the broken sections.


Low viscosity injection resin (LV)

  • Fine cracks to concrete and masonry
  • Repair crack widths from 0.2 mm – 2 mm
  • Structural repairs to concrete and masonry
  • Application temperature range 5°C to 40°C
  • Fine cracks to suspended concrete floors and decks
  • Concrete bridges and highway structures
  • Car parks
  • Plastic shrinkage and drying shrinkage cracks in new construction

Thixotropic injection resin (T):

  • Structural repairs to concrete and masonry construction
  • Repair crack widths from 0·5 mm – 8 mm
  • Settlement crack repair in masonry buildings
  • Repair of cracks to cavity walls
  • Refurbishment of old buildings and strengthening work to car parks
  • Application temperature range 5°C to 40°C
  • Concrete bridges, retaining walls and highway structures
  • Crack injection to liquid retaining structures and treatment works

Features & Benefits:

Low viscosity injection resin

  • Injects into cracks down to 0.2 mm width and structurally bond hairline cracks
  • Good penetration into the crack due to low viscosity
  • Easy-to-use two-component mix
  • Can be applied in damp environments
  • Non-shrinkage properties ensuring excellent bond durability

Thixotropic injection resin

  • Will bond to damp substrates allowing greater flexibility in site use
  • Can be injected from one side only
  • Gel consistency allows injection to floors, walls and soffits – only one product required
  • High physical strength
  • Non shrinking properties with durable Bond

Technical data:

The following test results were obtained in laboratory conditions at 20°C

  Low viscosity resin (LV) Thixotropic resin (T)
Useable pot life: 45 – 60 minutes 45 – 60 minutes
Gel time: 80 minutes 105 minutes
Mix ratio by volume: resin 4 41/2
Mix ratio by volume: hardner 1 1
Specify gravity: 1.09 kg/litre 1.20 kg/litre
Compressive strength, 7 days 75 N/mm2 65 N/mm2
Tensile strength, 7 days 20 N/mm2 22 N/mm2
Flexural strength 55 N/mm2 45 N/mm2
Bond strength: dry concrete  2·8 N/mm2 2·5 N/mm2
(failure of concrete) 
wet concrete
2·5 N/mm2  2·4 N/mm2
Slant shear strength 61 N/mm2 60 N/mm2
Modulus of elasticity in flexure 4·5 kN/mm2 4·0 kN/mm2
In compression 2·75 kN/mm2 2·50 kN/mm2
Coefficient of thermal 
5.98 x 10–15 mm/mm/°C 5.50 x 10–15 mm/mm/°C
Viscosity Brookfield spindle 3 speed 20 250 cP 2800 cP

Summary of injection process:

  • Throughly clean the crack surface.
  • Fix the injection nipples with weber.tec filler.
  • Space the nipples according to the depth of penetration.
  • Seal the remainder of the crack surface weber.tec filler, ensure all exit routes aresealed.
  • Mix the injection resin, load cartridge and attach injection hose.
  • Inject the resin through the nipple and progressively work up the crack.
  • Wait 24 hours, then take off injection nipples and make good.

Weber.tec EP Injection Resin / Resin injection
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