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The Benefits of 3D Printing from Concrete

May 26 2019

3D printing was once a technology that we had heard little about and was originally used for building rough prototypes from plastic. Over time, 3D printing became more consumer friendly and was further developed to offer medical and construction benefits, from creating cost-effective, lightweight prosthetics to building habitable structures.

Although several challenges are still to be addressed, 3D printing in construction has already been proven to have a huge number of benefits, from an economical manufacturing process to endless design possibilities. 3D printed structures are strong, built to withstand tornados and allow for simple concrete repair where sections can be rebuilt and swapped out.

3D printing is the process of building a structure by individual layers, otherwise known as Additive Manufacturing. Initially, plastic was the only material available, but 3D printers have evolved with metals, bioplastics, wood and even food.


3D printers can print continuously with some companies already offering a build time of 12-24 hours for a single-storey property. This type of automatic construction is not limited to company working hours and can run overnight.


Typically, building a property is an expensive process. Labour teams need paying and a wide scope of materials are used in the building process. 3D printing can cut costs by reducing the number of materials required for structural work. It also allows for smaller working teams and can avoid costs occurred from waste material.


Properties built via 3D printing construction can be designed to offer increased strength and durability, something which is particularly important in areas of extreme weather. Recent advancements have seen 3D printed properties built to withstand hurricanes and earthquakes.  

Individual Design

There are no more out of the box house designs as 3D printing opens up a huge range of structural possibilities. With the opportunity to use a combination of curves and straight lines, properties can be created to suit the individual without increased costs. This also allows for better use of space and has no negative effect on structural integrity.

With the development of large 3D printers that can be easily located from site to site, 3D printed construction is no longer an out of reach technology. With properties costing below £4,000 already popping up in Eastern parts of the world and the first five-bedroom property in Europe unveiled in April, 3D printing and construction is rapidly progressing and will only begin to offer more benefits as it develops.

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