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The Benefits of Doff Cleaning

Nov 19 2018

When it comes to cleaning and repairing concrete structures, DOFF cleaning can be extremely beneficial for both individuals and businesses. The DOFF cleaning technique refers to a steam cleaning system used specifically for brick, stone, concrete and removing graffiti. This type of steam cleaning is used on external walls and other building areas that require a thorough clean without sustaining any damage to the structure. Internal cleaning can be achieved via a DOFF vacuum recovery system.

In order to effectively sterilise an area and eliminate moss, fungi and other biological matter from a structure, the DOFF machine method uses pressurised heated water to cleanly remove spores and prevent future regrowth. The pressure of the water is relatively weak (just enough to apply the amount of pressure required to remove debris) but the temperature of the water is quite high. This ensures the best results and prompt drying of the surfaces.

Why Should I Choose DOFF Cleaning?

There are many benefits to be garnered from DOFF cleaning.

One of the most significant benefits of using this cleaning system is its gentle nature. No jarring pressure is involved when using DOFF steam cleaners. As a result, the sensitive parts of the building’s external walls can be cleaned without incurring any damage to them. Therefore, when you’re looking to clean or restore old buildings, the DOFF steam cleaning method is often the most suitable option.

Due to the nature of this process, you can use DOFF Cleaning Machines for buildings that have sustained some serious damage over their lifetime. In fact, many experts recommend DOFF cleaning for most types of buildings and structures as it has been proficiently developed over the time to tackle both stubborn biological and non-biological messes in a gentle, environmentally friendly way.

The machine used is a relatively quiet and free from noise, making this cleaning method a non-intrusive and effective solution for businesses that can’t afford to close for any extended periods of time when undertaking restoration or cleaning work.

By minimising any possible disturbances the cleaning process can cause, and by protecting the integrity of the building or structure, DOFF Cleaning is a considered a popular, thorough service that yields great results.

How it Works

With the help of high-pressure steam, the DOFF system cleans all manner of concrete, masonry and stonework. The volume of water is low, but the temperature is high and when applied using gentle pressure, dirt, grime and debris are easily removed.

Kind to the environment, DOFF cleaning machines restrict the amount of water used and every last drop goes towards cleaning structures with little to no waste. In addition to the reduced energy required to run and lack of harmful or caustic chemicals required, DOFF steam cleaners offer a very low carbon footprint. This is an excellent selling point for businesses wishing to stay green and contribute to a cleaner environment.

Due to the low pressure of this technique, the surface of the building or structure doesn’t become saturated with moisture and on an average temperature day, is able to dry within minutes. This is excellent for historic buildings or structures built with unusual, potentially sensitive materials that require a more delicate touch.

Lots of businesses and building managers choose to use the DOFF cleaning method to eliminate algae, moss and fungi. Due to the removal of not only live, visible spores but the potentially hidden spores are killed off, too. This prevents unsightly regrowth, keeping surfaces clean for up to several years, eliminating the need to use a chemical biocide as a means of protection against any additional unwanted biological activity.

What is the DOFF system used for?

Cleaning with DOFF in the UK is extremely versatile and can be used to remove a number of common and stubborn stains and blemishes including:

  • Removing wax coatings
  • Clearing surfaces of fungi, moss, algae and hidden spores
  • Cleaning off other biological matter (including chewing gum)
  • Removing paint coatings
  • Getting rid of unsightly vermin or bird fouling
  • Eradicating certain types of graffiti

The DOFF Cleaning system is recommended for use by many architects and restoration companies, including ourselves. Our expert technicians will go above and beyond to make certain your project is undertaken with the utmost care to ensure your building is preserved as intended.

Whether you’re looking to clean damaged or sensitive surfaces or want to get rid of biological matter on all manner of stone, brick and concrete surfaces and structures. Our DOFF cleaning service can help you to achieve your objective easily with no harm to the environment.

Get in touch with our expert and friendly team today to find out more by giving us a call on 01733 560362. Our advisors are looking forward to discussing your cleaning options and dispatching our hard-working DOFF cleaners to return your place of business or historic building back to its former glory.

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