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Weber.cem Fairing Coat

Pre-blended, single component, polymer modified, cementitious levelling mortar.

Fosroc Renderoc FC

Single component polymer modified cemetitious fairing coat

Nitomortar FC

Epoxy resin fairing coat.


Sika Monotop 620

Cementitious smoothing coat / Levelling mortar and pore sealer fairing coat.

Product Description:

Sika® MonoTop-620 is a one component cementitious polymer modified mortar.


  • As a concrete pore sealer/levelling mortar/smoothing coat
  • Repairing minor defects
  • Thin layer render
  • Repairing pores and honeycombed concrete
  • For exterior and interior use

Characteristics /Advantages:

  • Pre-bagged for quality
  • Just add water
  • Compatible with Sika® FerroGard® corrosion inhibitor
  • Compatible with SikaTop® and MonoTop mortars
  • Overcoatable with Sikagard® coatings
  • Sprayable by wet spray method

Product Data:


Appearance /Colours Grey powder
Packaging 25 kg bag


Storage Conditions/Shelf-Life
6 months from date of production if stored properly in original unopened, sealed
and undamaged packaging in dry and cool conditions.

Technical Data:

Chemical Base Portland cement, polymer redispersable powder, selected aggregates andadditives.
Density Mixed wet 2.0 kg/litre
Layer Thickness 1.5 mm min. / 5.0 mm max.

Mechanical / Physical Properties:

Compressive Strength 28 days @ 20oC ~ 30-35 N/mm2
Flexural Tensile Strength 28 days @ 20oC ~ 4-6 N/mm2
Bond Strength ~ 1.5-2.5 N/mm2 (substrate failure)
E-Modulus ~ 15.4 kN/mm2

System Information:

System Structure Sika® MonoTop-620 is part of the Sika® MonoTop Concrete Repair System
Sika® MonoTop-610: Bonding primer and reinforcement coating
Sika® MonoTop-612: Hand and wet spray applied repair mortar
Sika® MonoTop-615: Hand and wet spray high build applied repair mortar
Sika® MonoTop-620: Smoothing coat
Sika® FerroGard®-903: Corrosion inhibitor

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