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Sika Monotop 620

Cementitious smoothing coat / Levelling mortar and pore sealer fairing coat.

Fosroc Renderoc FC

Single component polymer modified cemetitious fairing coat

Nitomortar FC

Epoxy resin fairing coat.


Weber.cem Fairing Coat

Pre-blended, single component, polymer modified, cementitious levelling mortar.

Product Details:

Pre-blended, single-component, polymer-modified, cementitious mortar needing only mixing with water to produce a high quality surface levelling mortar and pore filler for most concrete surfaces.

Weber.cem fairing coat can be used for:

  • Levelling new and old concrete surfaces, infilling surface imperfections
  • Making good concrete blow holes, filling small holes
  • Making good frost damaged and scoured concrete surfaces
  • Levelling of patched concrete repairs


Weber.cem fairing coat is not intended as a final finish; normally, an anti-carbonation coating is subsequently applied. Do not use solvent or silane-based coatings.

  • Dual action - can be used as a pore filler and a levelling mortar
  • Easy to apply: does not slump or slip
  • Easy to spread to provide a smooth and level surface
  • Good adhesion to prepared concrete
  • Compatible with typical concretes
  • Good carbonation resistance: contributes to the properties of the Mulsifix Concrete Repair System
  • Allows water vapour to escape - does not trap water vapour – does not blister
  • Agrément approved as part of the weber.cem Concrete Repair System
Mixed density 1900 kg/m3
Working time > 45 mins at 20°C
Bond to concrete 1.3 N/mm2 at 28 days
Compressive strength 19 N/mm2 at 7 days
23 N/mm2 at 28 days
Flexural strength 4.5 N/mm2 at 7 days
5.0 N/mm2 at 28 days
Tensile strength 2.5 N/mm2 at 7 days
3.0 N/mm2 at 28 days
Static Modulus of Elasticity 19 kN/mm2
ISAT (BS1881-5) 0.017 ml/m2/sec at 10 min
(Control concrete: 
0.26 ml/m2/sec)
0.008 ml/m2/sec at 30 min
0.005 ml/m2/sec at 60 min
Bond of weber.cote smooth > 1.3 N/mm2 to weber.cem fairing coat
Bond of weber.cote EC > 1.0 N/mm2 to weber.cem fairing coat
Freeze-thaw resistance No degradation or loss of bond 
(cycled –20°C and +20°C: 25 times)
Thermal resistance No degradation or loss of bond 
(cycled +20°C and +60°C: 25 times)
Coefficient of linear
thermal expansion
10.5 x 10–6 per °C at 28 days
Water Vapour
Transmission Rate
49 g m–2 day–1
Equivalent air layer 
0.4 metres at 2 mm layer thickness
(Recommended criterion for water vapour release is maximum of 4 metres)
Carbon Dioxide 
Transmission Rate
0.8 g m–2 day–1
Equivalent air layer
49 metres at 2 mm layer thickness
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