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Water based Elastomeric Decorative Coating.



A high performance crack accommodating elastomeric acrylic protective and decorative coating for concrete and masonry.



A universally respected crack-bridging and protective coating for almost all concrete surfaces.

Product Description:

Sikagard® 550 W Elastic is a single component, easily applicable, plasto-elastic coating designed with ease of use and excellent crack-bridging in mind. Based on a UV-curing acrylic resin dispersion, Sikagard® 550 W Elastic is versatile and effective in almost all situations, remaining useful even at temperatures below freezing (0°C) and complying with all European Standards for protective concrete coatings.

Where to Use Sikagard® 550 W Elastic

The primary purpose of Sikagard® 550 W Elastic is as a protective and enhancing coating for concrete structures, particularly those which are outdoors and/or at risk of cracking.  It can be used to act as an elastic protective coating alone or to support existing protective measures by serving as an overcoating. Sikagard® 550 W Elastic is made to be versatile, adaptable and usable in the majority of concrete protecting situations.

The Main Advantages of Using Sikagard® 550 W Elastic

There are a variety of characteristics that Sikagard® 550 W Elastic boasts which make it exceptional at protecting your concrete. The primary advantage of the product is that it is extremely durable, being weather and CO2 resistant, whilst remaining effective at temperatures of -20°C. Manufactured by Sikagard®, who consistently produce exceptionally high-quality products, this elastic protective coating is also solvent free, environmentally friendly, and has a reduced tendency to collect dirt or become contaminated. Combining these factors, Sikagard® 550 W Elastic is one of the most durable and effective protective coating materials on the market.

How to Apply Sikagard® 550 W Elastic

The application process is simple and easy. The first step is to ensure that the concrete or substrate you are coating is dry, safe and free from loose or weak particles. This can be achieved through high-pressure water, steam or blast cleaning, after which you’re free to apply the Sikagard® 550 W Elastic coating using a brush, roller or airless spray.

Note that the age and priming needs of the concrete and other situational factors must also be considered, so please consult the instructions before beginning the application process.

Product Data:


Appearance / Colours
Thixotropic liquid available in almost every colour shade.

Packaging 15 litre pails


Storage Conditions / Shelf-Life
12 months from date of production if stored properly in undamaged and unopened original sealed packaging in cool and dry conditions. Protect from direct sunlight and frost.

Technical Data:

Chemical Base Acrylate dispersion
Density ~ 1.39 kg/l (at +20°C)
Solid Volume ~ 53.4%
Solid Content ~ 66.1%
Layer Thickness dminp (minimum required thickness to achieve the required characteristics - CO2 equivalent air thickness of 50 m and crack bridging) = 200 microns. Dmaxp (maximum required,

Layer Thickness
Dminp (minimum required thickness to achieve the CO2 equivalent air thickness of 50 m) = 60 microns
Dmaxp (maximum required thickness not to go beyond the H2O equivalent air thickness of 4 m) = 1300 microns
Dry film thickness d = 149 μm
Equivalent air layer thickness SD, CO2 = 138 m
Diffusion coefficient CO2 μCO2 = 9.3 x 105
Requirements for protection _ 50 m

Carbon Dioxyde Diffusion Coefficient(μCO2)
Dry film thickness d = 337 μm
Equivalent air layer thickness SD, Co2 = 0.84 m
Diffusion coefficient μCO2 = 2.5 x 105
Requirements for breathability 50 m

Water Vapour Diffusion Coefficient (μH2O)
Dry film thickness d = 319 μm
Equivalent air layer thickness SD, H2O = 0.78 m
Diffusion coefficient H2O μH2O = 2.5 x 103
Requirements for breathability _ 4 m

Mechanical / Physical Properties:

Elongation at Tear Elongation at break at room temperature (not exposed to weathering): 63%
Elongation at break at -20°C: 32%
Crack-Bridging Capacity Class IT according to ZTV SIB 90-TL/TP OS

System Information:

System Product(1) Number of
Priming (2) Sikagard®-552 W Aquaprimer  1
Top coat Sikagard®-550 W Elastic 2
Priming (2) Sikagard®-552 W Aquaprimer 1
Intermediate coat (3) Sikagard®-545 W Elastofill or Sikagard®-526 Porefiller 1-2
Top coat (4) Sikagard®-550 W Elastic 2

Sikagard 550W Elastic / Anti-carbonation coatings
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